Thursday, April 5, 2012


We brought our lunch to the Y to have a "lunch out" after I was done working out! The boys loved it!  Something about eating our PB &J's anywhere but home is exciting! And the fact that they got juice boxes which doesn't happen often!

Then we went swimming in the kiddie pool! (It was closed the first time we went there).  They LOVED it!  The deepest part is 1 foot and 6 inches, so they could both walk the whole pool.  Bakota wasn't sure about the slide but Akstel loved it!

I am just amazed at how well he loves the water and isn't afraid to go under!

They love to ride on the frog!

It's a great little pool and something they ask to do everyday now!!

I love that is wares them out and they take good naps!!

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