Friday, April 27, 2012

Ordinary Days

Just life around here.......

Reading books with Daddy

Reading books with Mommy!

Love that little belly!

Bakota held Snuffles for the first time! He's always been too scared but this time he wanted to and thought it was really funny!

Horsey rides happen a lot around here!

Akstel has started to give them to Bakota!

I love to see this! I come to check on them because it's rather quiet and much to my surprise this is what I find!!!!! They have both been into books so much lately which I think is awesome!

Bakota got to take a bath by himself the other night and was loving the space!

This picture still cracks me up!  The light bulb needed changed and Asktel really wanted to help, I went in to see what the giggling was about and I found this!

They both happen to be laying by my chair with their feet up and both had holes in their right heels!!!

This little man LOVES his Daddy!  If I have the window open when Coy pulls in he runs to the window calling for Daddy!

Akstel being an elephant!

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