Friday, April 20, 2012

The Letter R

Practicing writing

some of these R's are mine but he did really good writing!

Cutting is getting so much better!

He always does really well at tracing

Coloring....not his favorite but he does it =)

I finally got the letters glued onto gatorade bottle tops to make this activity a little easier

His reward after finishing school!

We went to art time at the library

They always have to see the fish and kiss the tank?!?!? Not sure where this came from but they both do it and think it is hillarious!

Akstel made himself at home in the playroom with the other kids!

Hunting for R's

A while back we did a busy box exchange with Melissa and her sister and cousin.  Melissa sent us this activity and he really liked it!

Onto the letter S!

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