Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Letter Q

We finished the letter Q.  We couldn't find a "Q" hymn so we just picked one!!

The Pledge of Allegiance

Singing the ABC's

We had some library books to return

A few weeks ago Akstel colored a picture at the library and we found it today on the wall!

Music time!

Getting a stamp

Building is always a favorite

We didn't bring our set of drawers that we use for school but I found a file folder with 5 pockets which works great!

Working on his writing

Updating the calendar

Filling in his weather graph

Definetly his favorite....Dotting Paint

So proud!

He is doing really great with finding and circling his letters

Practicing cutting

Using counting bears

A really fun book we found at the library

Another very cute book

He saw a Clifford DVD at the library and was convinced we couldn't leave without it =) So, after he finished with school he was so excited to watch it!

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