Friday, March 16, 2012

Welcome to Idaho!

We made the LONG drive to Boise.....17 hours!!! The boys did awesome, so it really wasn't too bad.

Just a little over an hour from AZ home we had a break in the action =( There was a really bad accident and they had the highway closed.  Something about a car and a truck pulling a travel trailer collided.  Two helicopters landed and took off while we sat there.

And a hawk circled overhead

The boys watched lots of Leap Frog on the iPad!  And I listened to stories on my phone!

This is the new bridge that lets you bypass the Hoover Dam.  We used to drive this road twice a week when we had a project in Nevada and you had to wind down the hill, over the dam and wind back up the hill.  When there was a lot of tourist it was painfully slow!  Now, you drive over the bridge in 30 seconds! It was amazing!

Goodbye Arizona, welcome to Nevada!

A quick stop to stretch our legs and ride a dinosaur!

Goodbye Nevada, welcome to Idaho!!!! Only a few hours to go!

Welcome to Meridian!

Welcome home!!!!!

This is our apartment......we absolutely LOVE it!!!

It's so nice for the boys to have their own room.....except we decided Bakota can't actually sleep there! Not a whole lot of sleeping happens!  One of first nights they shared a room, they both ended up in Bakota's crib!

Akstel's desk!

Bakota got moved to the closet =)

The boys are loving being out of the car! Especially Bakota, the poor little guy, he would squirm and cry when we opened the door to get in!

What a cute little monkey!

Downtown Boise

We were so enjoying the nice sunny weather in AZ and the day after we got here we woke up to SNOW!!!!!  Akstel was so excited!

We were very thankful for our fireplace!

All bundled up and loving the snow!

Akstel thought this was really funny....Llama Llama covered in snow!!!

We are so happy to be back in Idaho and back to work!

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  1. This is so neat! Your apartment is BEAUTIFUL!!! Love the llama!