Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our trip to Maui

We were lucky enough to have a mandatory pre-bid meeting in Hawaii a few weeks ago!! We decided to go without the boys, which was hard, but we had a great time! We filled our days up as full as we could so it went by fast!

Welcome to Hawaii!!

Our fun mode of transportation!

We view from our hotel room

Talking to our boys =)

We got up early Tuesday morning to make it to the pre-bid, but stopped for breakfast at this fun caffe!

BEST chai tea ever!!!

The jobsite is at the top (10,000 plus feet!) of this volcano/mountain!

It was a beautiful, windy road

And it got very cold!

Sugar cane fields

We stopped for a fresh pineapple! Delicious!

We found a beautiful beach and went for a walk

And came across a "clothing optional" beach! Yikes! (We didn't stick around here too long!

It was neat to watch this man fishing with just a net, he was very successful!

The weather was pretty bad, very windy, while we were there, this was one of four boats to get washed up while we were there.

We went to a traditional luau, which was very cool!

The pig that was buried

We looked like this at the start of the evening......

And ended up like this =) It was fun despite the wet weather.  We had to eat fast becuase our plates turned into swimming pools for our food!

Breakfast the next morning at a yummy place on the beach

We took an hour tour of the complete island. It was a great way to see all the island! But we were so sick by the end we were ready to be done!

The volcano where the jobsite is close to

The waterfalls were absolutley beautiful!

The yellow belts were our emergency flotation devices!

We were in a shop in Lahaina and someone told us about really big waves, so we had to check them out! It was amazing!!  It was hard to pick just a few to post here, but there are many many more on our Picasa site!

I love that you can see the surfer under the water

The last morning we had a kayak/snorkel/whale watch tour scheduled.  It was very windy and most of the group decided not too go, but there was 8 of us that went out and it was well worth it!  The water was so warm and we saw lots of fish and lots of turtles!  I think this was the highlight of the trip!


This is one tree downtown Lahaina that takes up the whole block!

It was too windy to go far enough out in the kayaks to see the whales so we took a whale watching tour that afternoon. It was so much fun!

We saw LOTS of whales!

I was loving my new camera and big lens!!!

We had an amazing trip and hopefully we'll get to go back for a project!! Akstel still talks about Hawaii and says "next time don't leave us at Grandma & Grandpa's, I want to get on a plane and go to Hawaii with you!!!"  Love it!  I was so proud of our boys for doing so well without us, it's amazing how much they change when your gone for a few days!

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  1. wow. gorgeous!
    we just had a business/pleasure week end away. it was nice to get away, but so nice to get back to the kids.