Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Letter N

We did the letter N!  Akstel still really likes the oil pan alphabet board.

Enjoying his art table

We did a letter hunt

Little B loves to be a part of school too!

Akstel loves to take pictures!

Grandma came on Tuesday morning to do an activity with Akstel.  This was a big hit! Every morning after that, "Who is coming today Mom?"

He made Mom and Dad a valentine!

Akstel got moon dough for his birthday and absolutely loves it!

Dotting Paint

Poke Page

Tracing the letter N and n

Finding and circling the N's and n's

Ipad time! Always a favorite!

He is not as into this as I am =) But it is good for his fine motor skills

We had to take a break to see the garbage truck!

Doing a puzzle

A isn't to into coloring, he usually just writes his letters on it or scribbles for a minute and is done.  So, I thought if I colored with him he would get more into it.  I was amazed!! I started showing him how to color one of the eggs in the nest and then he did it! He colored the whole thing inside the lines!!! I was so excited! So excited that I had to show Daddy! Ha ha!  Then he proceeded to scribble all over it =)

We got out our Nemo book

Matching letters

Playing with another bday gift....big fuzzy bendy sticks! (I am sure that is the technical name for them)

This is definitely a favorite of both boys!

Bakota has caught on to "showing things to Mommy"! He will bring me something he has done and he wants to hear "good job"!!!

Capital and lowercase sorting

We have a new attachment to Monkey.....he seems to follow us everywhere!



Nanna came on Thursday to do activities with Akstel. He loved it!

Hunting for hidden items in the rice

Mixing baking soda and vinegar! He loved this!

Playing with beans

I am not sure what this was called or how she made it, but it was similar to moon dough, easy to build things with.

Little B had to get in on the action....even with bed head hair!

He made me a muffin!

Making LOTS of noise!

Painting!! A new favorite thing!

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  1. I LOVE how u r house has so much artsy crafty learning fun!!!