Friday, March 30, 2012

The Discovery Center

We made it to the Discovery Center downtown

Several times a week they have "Young Discoverers", a pre-school story and craft time.

The boys made butterflies and caterpillars

Then we went into the museum part to explore!  We had been there once before when we were here in 2010 but Bakota was just a month and Akstel was almost 2, so it was really fun to see them wandering around and learning and enjoying it!  They had their year membership on sale, so we got that and just have to go 4 times to pay for itself.   Plus, we can go to other museums in most states, including the Phoenix Science museum and one in the town in Iowa we will be in later this summer!

This welding station was Akstel's favorite!

But this ball station was a close second!

It was fun to watch him be able to pull himself up in this chair and enjoy the ride down!

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