Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Boise Zoo

The Zoo in Boise had a lot going on for Easter so we thought we would check it was SO busy! We almost gave up because we couldn't even find a parking spot, but we finally found one and had a fun few hours at the Zoo!  Starting off by chasing geese in the park!

This guy welcomed us as we came in the gate! Monkeys are always a favorite with the boys!

We got to meet the D.A.R.E. dog!

The hyena was sleeping

Not the zebras!

Bakota's favorite place to ride!

We were able to feed the very hungry goats! Bakota wasn't so sure at first

But Akstel loved it!  It's interesting to see how they change as they get older.  Bakota is the age now that Akstel was when we were in Boise before, so it's neat to see that they go through the same stages.  When we went to the zoo before, Akstel (at 19 months) wasn't sure what to think about the hungry goats!!!

We spent some time on the slide

And the lion!

Then off to see the real lion! They were neat to watch

A very fun day!

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