Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back to Coupon Shopping!

It's been fun to get back to coupon shopping! Idaho is a great place to coupon shop since a lot of the coupon blogs writers live here! Walmart even has a special checkout line for coupon and ad-matching!

We got Yoplaits for .44 cents each! And we go through a lot of it!  The boys were building yogurt towers!

I've never tried these but I could get two for $1.29 and one for $1.04....they are good!!! And an easy dinner for a busy day!

Butter for $1.00!

I got lunch meat for $2.50 each and then when I bought two you got a free package of rolls!

FREE eggs!!! Albertson's had coupons and when I used the one for orange juice and one for butter we got two dozen free eggs!!

Pasta for .28 cents a box!!!

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