Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Letter M

We started the Letter M on January 30th (trying to catch up!!).

He loves to work on the iPad, so we did some tracing letters

I thought we would try and add a bible verse and story in to see how it went.  He really liked the story about the "baby in the basket in the river" and "then he was a man"!  I learned this verse was definetly too long, all though he did get it for the most part. (This week's is much shorter and he has more fun with it!)  We learned just the first verse and chorus of "More About Jesus" and the really like that!  It was really neat because we sang that in gospel meetin on Sunday and his face lit up and he sang along!!

I was so proud of him for writing the "M" all by himself!

I have been wanting to try this for a while.  I cut out words from magazines/newspapers and he hunted for all the m's!

This was fun too, I filled a bag with paint, taped it to his table and he can draw in it!

He got moon sand for his birthday and it has been a huge hit!

And we played his Curious George matching game! Another big hit from his birthday!

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