Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Letter L

I've been excited for the letter L so we could do activities with Llama Llama!  These are some of Akstel's favorite books and we found a Llama app for the iPad!

Little brother likes it too! 

Tracking the L and l 

Building a pattern of lady bugs! 

Counting a tracing numbers 

He did really well writing his L and l 

In this puzzle, he has to find the capital and lowercase number and the object that starts with that letter 

Hunting for the L and l's 

Identifying all the letter's he knows 

I found these printable flash cards here, they are from Leap Frog Letter Factory.  That is the video that Akstel loves! It teaches the letters and sounds.  He was excited to see that it looks like the letters in the video. 

Writing practice 

Dotting Paint! 

Llama Llama has a fun website with info about the books and printable activities

A Llama worksheet! Circle everything that starts with L 

Door hangers 

We read our Llama Llama books a lot!

Akstel uses a jumbo push pin to poke holes in the L and l, then he can hold it up to the light to see the shapes sparkle

Akstel got this for his birthday, you use the wooden blocks to make the patterns. So fun! 

 Using magnets to fill in all the circles

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