Thursday, February 16, 2012


Akstel got a Curious George matching game for his birthday and loves to play it!  He's learning how to "flick" the spinner

Get a card

And try to find what's on your card!

We found this "Bob the Builder" at Goodwill and both boys LOVE it!  Mostly becuase it has a tractor that works!!!!  You pick up Scoop (the tractor) and he spins around then you let him go and see how many I beams you can knock over.  Then you use the I beams you knocked over to build your tower!

When you win, you get to put Pilchard the cat on top of your tower!

Another one we found at Goodwill was a Boggle game where you match up the letters to the word on the card.  He was so excited to play a game we had to play when we got to Grandpa & Grandma's ...... couldn't wait until we got home =)

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