Thursday, February 16, 2012

First Dentist Visit

The boys had their first dentist visit a couple of weeks ago!


Akstel got to practice brushing the dinosaurs teeth first!

Bakota helped too!

He got a little nervous when they got started, so he laid on Mom's lap and that helped!

He did so good! Dr. Gailey counted all of his teeth and Akstel even let them clean them!!

He got a two minute timer for brushing his teeth

Then it was Bakota's turn....he wasn't so sure about the whole thing but he did well!

Then they had their pictures taken and put on the wall.  Everytime they go into the dentist with no cavities, they get a star by their picture! After 5 stars, they get a surprise!

Akstel is always so excited to brush his teeth, using his timer! 

And he has to floss! He always remembers, even when Mommy doesn't!!!

Going to the dentist left a big impression, he talks a lot of about going to see Dr. Gailey (it's cute that he remembers his name!) and that he needs to get his teeth fixed!  Yesterday he told me, "Mommy, I just turned 4 so I can go back to Dr. Gailey now"!!!

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