Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Curious Akstel's 3rd Birthday Party

Finally posting birthday party pictures!  Akstel's party was really fun!  I started asking him a few weeks before what he wanted, fire trucks or trains? It was always fire trucks......but, I had seen lots of cute ideas for trains on pinterest......nope, fire trucks! Every time!  He knew that Daddy's birthday came first, then Mommy's and then it was his birthday!  So, not too long before mine he had had it with me trying to talk him into trains!  He said "Mommy, I want fire trucks and you can have trains for your birthday!!!" OK, fire trucks it is!  So.....we went to the party store to find fire trucks! And we found them =) We had everything picked out and in the cart and then Curious George catches his eye! He was so excited about Curious George and there was no talking him back into fire trucks! So, we had a Curious Akstel 3rd birthday party! And it turned out great!

I had originally bought Curious George plates but then saw these on Pinterest and had to take the other ones back!  Just a yellow plate, an upside down yellow cup with a band of electrical tape, a monkey on top and you have the Man in the Yellow Hat's hat!!

He was so excite to go to the party store that morning and pick out balloons!

We tried to come up with creative names for the food!

All the cake credit goes to Coy! It turned out awesome!!!

Monkey Toes (Chocolate Covered Bananas!)

We LOVE our cousins! Even when they act like monkeys!

He was very spoiled with all the gifts he got!

He got a little overwhelmed with all the presents, the thank you's and the attention that night!  So, we finished opening his presents from Mom and Dad the next morning!
It's so hard to believe our little man is 3!  It goes by so fast!
Happy 3rd Birthday Akstel!
(I will post all the pictures to Picasa....there is a few more, surprised?)

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