Friday, January 6, 2012

Washington Trip (Day 2 - 12/26/11)

We had a really nice hotel in Mt. Vernon, and it was fun because all the family stayed there and our rooms were all close together.

Akstel had a special bed!!

We had a lazy morning (and a chance to catch up on work!!).  Then we walked to Five Guys for lunch

We had the viewing for Grammy in the afternoon and then we ordered pizza and ate in this meeting room at the hotel.  This night was Gran and Joe and all her kids and grand kids (minus Brett).  Grandma and Grandpa Dawson drove over this night to be with us.  A very special time!

All my Grandparents together!!
Gran (Adah) & Joe Plews.....Jean & Connie Dawson

This was a fun place for the kids to play! And entertainment for us =)

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