Saturday, January 14, 2012

Washington - Day 4 - 12/28/2011

On Wednesday of our Washington trip, everyone headed home so we had the day to ourselves.  We decided to head into Seattle and go to the zoo! I remember going here as a kid and loving it! It was pretty rainy but we still enjoyed it!!!

The boys rented a sweet ride!!!

SO excited to see animals!

The gorillas were by far the biggest hit of the day for the boys! And us too.....I was enjoying playing with our new camera =)

The penguins were fun too!

And the meerkats....Akstel asked about them later!

And always excited to see an elephant!

They had an indoor play area, so we took a break from the rain and warmed up

Coming out the "little people" door!
We called it a day after that, the boys were tired and cold! It was so fun and a great way to spend our last day.

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