Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Letter J

We completed the letter "J" (week of Jan 9th).  Akstel is getting better at writing his name, especially the "A" and "T".  We also got a new app for the iPad, it is from Lakeshore Learning (our new favorite store!!!).  It has all the letters and lot of activites for each letter.  He can find words that start with that letter and practice writing it.  He has to finish all nine boxes and then he can have iPad time!!

Nanna & Grandma came to visit and see how school was going!

Bakota is very in tune with what Akstel is doing in school and wants to be involved!  If he is awake during school time, I have to find things he can do to keep busy and happy =)

 We practiced writing and cutting.  Matching colors was fun too!  We also got out our Tanagrams out (from Lakeshore!) And he used the magnets to fill in the circles.
We had fun with jelly beans and jaguars!

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