Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just Like Daddy

Since we've been home, there has been a lot to do around here! Coy has been working so hard to get the yard cleaned up, put the flag pole back up since it fell down in a wind storm while we were gone, put up rain gutters so the trailer parking doesn't get washed away again, fixing lights, replacing the garage door opener.....the list goes on and on!  But we have a certain little man that follows Daddy around every chance he gets and I couldn't resist blogging about it!  Akstel LOVES spending time with Coy "working" =)

He came in one day when they were working in the yard asking for "clippers".  Not knowing what he meant and thinking maybe Coy needed something, I went outside to find him.  He was trimming the bushes with what Akstel called "clippers"!!! So, I found him a dull pair of scissors that he could use to help Daddy "clip" the trees!!  I love that he is using both hands like Coy does with the bush shears.

Coy usually walks across the street to look at the yard, so of course Akstel has to go and look back at what they are working on!

No too long after that he came in looking for his rake, time to clean up!

This was my favorite!!! It was dark outside and Akstel came in looking for his glasses.  I told him it was dark and he didn't need them, but he insisted.  After I found them for him, I had to follow him to find out why he needed them.......because he needs to be JUST LIKE DADDY!!!! 

Waiting for dinner, just like Daddy!
If he grows up to be just like his Daddy, that is fine with me!


  1. monkey see, monkey do!!! I CAN DOT believe how much Akstel is like Mason... :)

  2. This post is extra special....almost need a tissue, the sunglasses pix is the best.

  3. Way too cute!!! I like the sunglasses one too!

  4. Awesome post, Jodi! I just love it when they want to be just like their Daddy!

  5. sweet post! our kids can't think of anything better than spending time with daddy. they are thrilled when they get to tag along in the semi for the day!