Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Worker's Visit!

Dan and Syllus came to stay with us Sunday night!  They braved the living room floor and one bathroom of our very small apartment =)  It was so much fun to have them and we were so glad they decided to come inspite of our close quarters!

The boys of course flew the helicopter

Bakota and Syllus made quick friends! 


Akstel thought it was really neat that Dan could play "Tell Me the Story of Jesus" 

On Sunday night Syllus was on the floor with Akstel, playing trains.  (We had worked on their names before they came and Akstel could say them)  Akstel was talking to Syllus and said "Hey Worker!" Syllus thought that was pretty cool! (he just started in the work this last year, I think).  We laughed about that for a while.  The next morning after breakfast, Dan was in the bathroom and Akstel said, "Mom, where is that other worker?" They both thought it was funny that he called them workers!  It was really neat to see Akstel enjoy the workers and realize how special they are, he was very sad to see them go.  He asked about them all day and wondered if they went back to meeting?


  1. .....these little boys are not my sons or my grandsons but my ♥ melts as if they are. A special memory...

  2. Awww...it's so sweet when our little ones grow up loving the workers as we do!

  3. It is so sweet to see their pictures with your comments/updates on their brain activity! And the way they are learning about the workers and that side of life in general. Of course, I continue to be amazed by your life in close quarters--would be good experience for most of us. Thanks for sharing this way.