Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Letter in Hippo!

We started out this week by setting up our workbox system, thank you Confessions of a Homeschooler! We LOVE it! (and we love that blog!) 

Daddy, Akstel and Bakota got it all setup!

 Here it is!  10 pull out drawers, in each is one (or two easy) activities to do and everything Akstel will need to do it.  Each number is stuck to the drawer with a piece of velcro.

 When he completes a box, he takes the velcro number off and puts it on this chart.  The help button is a really cool idea, Erica uses it with her older kids, they go through their boxes pretty much on their own and if they need help, the put that on their box and go to the next one until she can help them.  We probably won't really use that since I pretty much do all his activities with him.

We start school with the Pledge of Allegiance 

They are ABC song, Days of the Week, Months of the Year.  I didn't take a picture of it but then we do our calenda and talk about the weather .

What's in the first box? 

Seeing the Letter H and tracing 

When is done with something he puts it on top of the cart and the supplies back in the box. 

Tracing numbers 

More tracing 

Searching for and circling the letter H and h 

Practicing all of our letters 

The Letter H! 

He loves the Do-A-Dot activities and was so excited to find it all in the box =) 

Akstel is very into identifying his colors and matching the same colored items together.  He put his green paint next to the blue box, "that doesn't match", then the green paint next to the green box "that's matches!" 

After he completes teh 4th box, time for a potty break! 

Off he goes! 

Matching colored hippos to the colored words

Clipping cards 

A very cute book about a hippo with hiccups!

Another fun story about a hippo that wanted to be something else! 

Lacing blocks

Poke Page 

When Bakota wakes up we have to keep him busy =) He likes to color!  He dropped a crayon and Akstel hopped down from his chair and picked it up for him, then showed him how to color! All on his own!!! Ahhh, so sweet! (I wish it was always that way!) 

H is for hand!  This was one of our crafts 

and the other 

When he done with all 10 boxes he can have computer time! 

He loves to work on the ipad and he is constantly asking for it! But, he doesn't get it until all of his school work is done and he has behaved well =) A very good motivator! We have a leapfrog video of all the letter sounds on it and that is his favorite.  He now knows all of the letter sounds and can pick out most of the letters even though we haven't gotten that far yet! Its so fun to see him so into learning!

So, that's our new system! So far so good, and were perfecting it every week!  We're on the letter I!


  1. That is awesome! You are so ambitious! And probably don't have low blood pressure! ;) (That's my excuse until baby's born, then it'll be the newborn, and then... :P) Is the Leapfrog video The Letter Factory?? That's the one our library has and it sounds like the same one! My girls LOVE that video!

  2. Oh so fun to see your system and to see the Little Man love learning!

  3. great job!! glad he's loving it. we love erica's blog!!