Friday, December 9, 2011

Frontier Texas

We've been wanting to go to this museum downtown for a while and finally made it!  It is all about the history of Texas and it was really cool!

It was a little hard to take pictures in some spots because they use a lot of 3D video, so it's dark but if I used the flash you can't see the image.  So, here it is with the flash, inside the dark box you can faintly see a cowboy.  He was the narrator throughout the musuem. 

Fuzzy, but without the flash you can see a little better what it was like 

The boys got excited to see animals! 

Then a little scared to see the animals! 

They had several of these setup, there is an old cowboy back in there telling a story. 

Sitting inside a covered wagon 

This was the best part! (Although slightly terrifying for small children!)  All of these stools swivel around so that you can see the entire screen that surrounds you.  They used the video people to tell different stories about living in Texas in the wild west days.  It would be all dark and fire flies all around and stars in the sky.  Then we were outside with a lady and her daughter at night, when they could hear wolves coming.  They had to run back to the cabin and it sounded like you were right there with them.  They they hear some noise outside and she gets her shotgun ready.  It's crazy how you feel like your in the story.  Then we were with buffalo hunters and the whole heard stampedes.  Then we were in the middle of a card game shootout!

The boys got to ride a horse! 

Okay, this would be horrible! It's no wonder people in the old days didn't have the best teeth! The sign mentions they didn't have room for anything but the essentials......I would consider this and essential!

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