Friday, December 9, 2011

The Austin Ranch

While we were down at Monty & Neva's for Thanksgiving, Monty gave us a tour of the Austin Ranch! It was such a neat place, and there was so much he told us, I hope I get it all right.

This is the house where his Grandmother lived. The workers had special meeting here for a long time, and when I was a baby my parents lived in Midland, TX for a year and they came here one time for meeting.

This was a wheel off their wagon they travelled to this land in.

And this is the seat from the wagon

They had a model t and this was the garage....hand dug!

A cute bird house!

This is the bowl that she made hominy in

Akstel found a really great place to climb!

And he made it all the way to the top

This unique looking tree comes with a funny story!  Grandma hear racoons in the tree, got out her shotgun and ended up splitting the tree with a bullet!  This is the way it grew after that!

A windmill up on top of the hill (that says "Axtell"!!)

The water tank

Something else to climb!

This little boy needs a farm! He was in heaven! 

This was so cute, Akstel following Monty down the trail 

They brought in this little cabin, so they can camp out. 

A real Cowboy

Inside the cabin

The clearing where the cabin is, they come up here for cookouts.  It was a beautiful spot! 

Akstel found a walking stick 

The back of Monty & Neva's house 

The back yard that Akstel loves! 

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  1. oops I checked wierd, meant awesome!!! NEAT RANCH