Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Letter D - Day 1

We started the letter D this week!  Akstel is clipping mini clothes pins onto dinosaurs with numbers on them.  He had to count out how many clips to correspond with the number on the dinosaur.

He did really good at this one, matching up capital and lower case D's. 

It totally makes my day when things happen throughout our day and I realize he is actually learning things!!  Were leaving the library today and he saw a sign and said "there is a capital C"! And the best part.....he was right!!!!


  1. I've tried to will see if I can get it to work...enjoy all the things you write about the kids...Akstell does really good with his letters....don't think Mason would sit still enough unless it's on a tractor!!

  2. Isn't it great when they pop something out and you realize they were listening after all?! And sometimes you go, where did they learn that??? I didn't teach them!! ;D