Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A few days in AZ.....

We had a few days in Arizona last week and it was great to meet up at the park with the Mom's!  That is one of things that I miss the most from when we lived in AZ.  It was a beautiful morning and so good to see the Mom's and amazing to see how much all the little ones had grown!  My camera battery died after two pictures =( So, some of these are on my phone, but I didn't get too many.

Griffin and Akstel



I battled Bakota all morning to stay out of this water but I finally gave up =) He had SO much fun splashing in the puddle!  He was soaked and muddy from head to toe and had to ride home in his diaper =) 

The highlight for Akstel was getting to "help" Grandpa take Alawna, Keesha and Keanna to school. 

It was so special to meet up with Melissa (one of my roommates from San Luis Obispo) and her two little ones.  They drove over from CA and stayed a couple of days.  Jackson is 5 months older than Akstel and Abby is 5 months younger than Bakota.  On their way out, Jackson said he was excited to see Akstel because he had been his friend forever! 

Keesha and Akstel 

Alawna doing her homework 

Traiten wasn't so sure about all these new people 

Sweet little Abby 

It was so neat to see all the cousins together!  One our way home from Wednesday night meeting, Akstel says from the back seat, "Mommy, I'm getting bigger", and I said "Yes, you are getting bigger" (teary-eyed!)  Then he said "I'm getting bigger like Keesha", yes....."No, Mommy, I'm getting bigger like Keanna!" (very proud in his tone).  He and Keanna really hit it off but he could never quite get the right name with the right girl =) 

How many kids can we get in one bath tub?  

Melissa made some yummy preztel and choclate snacks...they didn't last very long. She had two great helpers! 


Of course we had to go to Savers =) 

So fun to see these boys play together! 

All these kiddos under one roof =) What special memories! 

We got to spend a morning at Nana and Papa's house! New toys! 

Little people stool and chair! 

Better than the zoo! 

I was able to stop by and see Jelayah and Jusiah, they are getting so big! 

This was so funny, Traiten was trying to hold his blanket inbetween his knees! 

Cuddling with Grandpa 

It didn't take him long to warm up =) 

We had such a fun week and so many good pictures, check out our Picasa sight to see them all!

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