Sunday, November 13, 2011

D is for Dinosaur.....

and dog and doctor!  We finished up the letter D this week.

I found this travel connect 4 game and Akstel loved playing with it, I started each row with a color and he filled up the rest with the same color.  He did really good with his number puzzle.  And we've discovered he LOVES dinosaurs!!

A while back I found these magic dinosaurs that you put in water and over a week they grow 6 times bigger!  We started them out in plastic cups but by the end of the day we have to move them to a jar!  And now, they each have their own containers!  I'll have to take updated pictures and post them later.  Akstel absolutely LOVED this!  He wanted them on his desk while he did school =)  He was always so excited to check on them to see how "HUGE" they were! 

Also something I found a while back in bargain bin at Michael's, you create a scene with stickers and then scratch the stickers and silver appears.  We also made a dinsoaur out of paper....he loves anything hands on! 

In this activity Akstel had to pick out the dog with a red color and paste in in the right spot, then the blue color and so on! It was a little hard because the dogs were all different colors and then the collars were different and small, but we eventually got it!  And he knew had a little package of dinosaurs in there so he couldn't wait for this one! Filling in his capital and lowercase D with dinosaurs! 
D was a very fun letter and as usual I had lots more we could have done so we'll have to do save them for next time!

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