Thursday, October 13, 2011

Week 1 - The Letter A

We started "school" this week!! We've been having fun and I've seen a big change in Akstel! He is much happier and behaves better....yay!  Jessie made the comment that one on one time makes a big difference and I agree!  He thinks "school" is really cool!  He even wanted to ride a bus today! Hmmm...we'll have to work on that one!

So, we started with the letter "A".  I printed off a capital and lower case "A" and taped them to the door.  I have a book about teaching your child to read and says they can see big red letters the best.

We checked out so "a" books at the library.

Colored a picture of Arthur 

Went for a walk looking for acorns! 

He was very excited to use glue for the first time! "It's sticky!" 

I wrote an "a" for him and then he glued strips of paper on top of it. 

This is where we put everything he has done on display

Heather sent a link a couple of days ago to Confessions of a Homeschooler, an amazing blog!!!  So, after only 2 days, I kind of started over!!  I am going to use a lot of her lesson plans, printables and ideas!  And then put in some of our own ideas too!  So, here is our new "school wall".

We started this morning, said the pledge of allegiance 

Added 13 to the calendar and then counted 1 to 13, sang a song about the days of the week and one about the months of the year and said the date. 

I asked him to look outside and was it cloudy or sunny? He said sunny, and put the sunny picture up! 

We figured out it was fall when all the leaves fall off the tree 

Here he is at his desk!  Coloring an airplane! 

We have a few more things planned for the week!


  1. "School" is a wonderful idea! How fun! Our household is a nut house (grandcentral station)...

  2. (I finally am able to comment. yeah)
    So glad you were able to use her resources. WE LOVE her blog. I'll warn you- you'll go thru lots of ink, laminating pouches and paper :)

  3. Every kindergarten teacher that I work with would just LOVE you!! You are an awesome MOM!!