Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Very Rainy Day!

Texas has been in a bit of a drought.....until Saturday!  I think this rain made a dent (I hope!).  Akstel went to work with Coy for a couple of hours in the morning!  I went to pick him up and this was our ride home.

I love the rain but I have never seen it pile up so fast!  This canal has been dry ever since we've been here. 

This is the street in front of our apartment, it turned into a river!  It is a weird feeling to drive down the road and have the whole road moving!   I wondered if I could get through it in my car and while I was watching cars drive through the deepest spot (with water up to their headlights) one got stuck and broke her front bumper. 

Overflowing gutters 

So, we decided to build a fort! 

Akstel was so tired from a big day, he laid on the floor looking out at the rain and fell asleep! 

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