Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Uncle Jason Came to TX!

A very big box arrived at Bakot'a birthday time from Uncle Jason and Tanya! We waited until he came the next week to open it.

Hooorrraaaayyyyyy! A box full of peanuts! The boys had such great fun with them, they didn't even realize there was something in the box =) And I was so glad we waited to open so Uncle Jason was here to cleanup enjoy the mess! 

Some very cool books, that we'll have to save until B's out of the "ripping book pages" stage! 


Where are we off to boys? 

A lawn mower that blows bubbles! 

and a really cool ball just the right size for a little boy! 

It was so fun to have Uncle Jason around and Akstel was so sad when he left, he wandered around saying "where is my Jason at?"

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  1. Love getting mail...specially presents right?! Aunts n Uncles are so important and enjoyable. :)