Thursday, October 27, 2011

Starting the letter "C"

We start with the Pledge of Allegiance, which Akstel loves and is learning reall well.  Then we sing the ABC song.  Then, we update our calendar. "Today is Thursday October 27th 2011"!  This is Akstel's favorite part of school, putting up the day, date and saying it all.

Today was very cold and rainy 

I was so proud......we put up "today" in Thursday, "yesterday" in Wednesday and I asked him what tomorrow would be? "FRIDAY!!!!!!!!" He's getting it =) 
We sing The Days of the Week song, and then The Months of the Year song.

Then we reviewed "A" and "B" and introduced "C"

We read this book

then colored a picture from the story 

Then we practiced our colors and then started on this caterpillar craft.

It was really fun and he loved it!


He practiced tracing from dot to dot 

and tracing his "c" 
We found some car pencils

and he used them to practice writing his name 

(these pictures got jumbled again....oh well!)

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