Friday, October 7, 2011

Painting Piggy's!

I've seen this place for a while now and thought it would be fun, so when Uncle Jason was here we gave it a try!

You put on your apron....

Pick out what you want to paint

We put some stickers on one side of Akstel's piggy that spelled his name and then he painted over the stickers.  Once his was finished we peeled the stickers off!

SO many things to choose from that you can paint

so man colors to choose from!

He is very serious about this!! He had so much fun and still talks about it!

Uncle Jason painted a piggy for Tanya!

I got all painted! 

Even the inside gets it! 

Akstel is all done painting his piggy!  We left it at the store for a week while they fired it and made it all pretty! 

Then he found some trains! 

We picked up his piggy and it turned out so cute! 

Uncle Jason's turned out really good! 


  1. I love the tongue in cheek concentration :0)

  2. Cute! I did this once at a bridal shower, it was kinda fun!