Tuesday, October 11, 2011


If you don't like blood, you may want to skip this post!!

My poor husband.......a couple of weeks ago he called me and I could tell something was wrong right away.  He said he got hit in the mouth with a drill (the blade caught and the handle part came back into his mouth) and did I think he should go in somewhere?  I asked if it was bleeding? Yes!  I'm sure I asked a few other brilliant questions too! He knew at least one tooth was broken.  So, I told him to head home and I would figure out where to go.  I called the ER and they said they didn't have anying dentists or Dr's that could help (comforting, right?) so I started looking up emergency dentists.  The first one in my google search thought they could get him in late the next morning (and you call yourself an emergency dentist???).  I hadn't seen it yet but I was pretty sure he couldn't wait until the next morning!  The next dentist I called was amazing! She said how soon can you be here?  It was pretty late in the afternoon already and the boys were just waking up from their nap.  So we got everyone in the car and ready to go so when Coy got home he jumped in and we took off, luckily the office was less than a mile from our apartment.  Coy jumped out when we pulled in and by the time I got the boys inside they were taking him to get the xrays.  I got the paperwork filled out and when we went back to the room he was in they were already working on it! It was amazing! They stayed late to take care of him and were so awesome in every way!  If you ever need a dentist in Abilene, we highly reccomned Monarch Dental!!!  They could see some nerve damage already and recommend a root canal which they started that visit, they removed all of the nerve/root of the tooth and he was to come back in a week to finish the root canal.  He went in last Friday to finish it and get fitted for the permanent crown which comes November 4th.  Here are some pictures if you want to see them.

This was taken the day it happened but after he had been to the dentist.

This if after he had been to the dentist the 2nd time, he has a temporary crown.  It's still really sore and hard to eat,but hopefully that will get better after his permanent crown is on. 


  1. OUCH!! I am guessing their terrific customer service will get them many more clients, though.

  2. Oh my, that same guy use to come home to us bloody and broken, and now you get the honors :(

  3. I can take blood and gashes and broken bones from anyone but my kids and hubby. If one of them gets hurt, I cannot function correctly for a few minutes! Damion had a piece of sandpaper fly into his eye and slice it. When he came upstairs, his iris was half filled with blood! It was so creepy! Unable to think correctly and also 45 min from the nearest ER, we set off to IF (which is even further but has better doctors!). He and I both began to think normally and wondered about just going straight to an eye doctor with an emergency number. My dad was the one driving and does not do well with blood! He was pretty sure we just needed to go to the ER! So to the ER we went. Dr comes in takes one look and says, you need an eye doctor. They call in the eye doctor, he works on Damion and afterwards says, you coulda just called me, I have an emergency number. When we got the bill, we were green that we didn't just call him!!! $800 for the ER ( even thought they didn't do anything!) and another $500 for the eye doctor!!!! ARGH!!!