Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New Car!

We've been talking about trading in our big gas guzzler for a while now and this week seemed like the right time!!  I loved the Nissan Armada but never got used to driving something so big and really didn't like filling it up! it is.....a Toyota Prius hybrid.  It is going to take some adjusting but we LOVE it!  It's like driving a computer!

Enough room for the stroller and groceries!! 

It has a bluetooth that hooks up to my phone so I can drive hands free!! 
the spedometer and gas gage is in the center up high on the dash instead of right in front of the steering wheel.  Which is actually easier to see but hard to get used to!

My FAVORITE part......601 miles to empty on a full tank of gas!!!!  This picture shows if your using gas or electric or if the battery is charging 

to shift you follow the pictures and then it pops back to the center.  To put it in park you just push the button with the "p" on it! 

A push button start 

Oh....and room for these little men!!! 

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