Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Nanna and Poppa Came To Visit

A couple of weeks ago (I'm really behind in blogging) Nanna and Poppa drove all the way from Arizona to visit us in Texas.

The boys did a lot of fishing!

I think Nanna read every book we have to the boys.....and I wonder why now Akstel expects me to read them all!!! 

We went to storytime.  Akstel is showing Poppa his stamps! 

They played baseball! 

Even little B learned to fish! 

We got to go to the fair one last time to see the animals! It was cute because Akstel kept saying he wanted to go the fair and eat the animals!!! (He meant pet the animals!!!) 

We went on a ride that made us REALLY dizzy! 

And we were able to watch a cow being milked!  Akstel learned where milk comes from =) 

Thanks for coming! We had a great weekend! 

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