Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Letter B

We read a few "B" books

Got to watch a "B" video

Akstel is tracing a "B" (sort of!!)

We made bear

Colored a butterfly

He really likes these dot markers/paint and does really well getting them in the circles

Bakota joins in =)

Coloring a bear

Akstel is filling in his capital "B" with band-aids (or rubber band-aids as he calls them!)

He used bear crackers to fill in his lower case.....and then ate them =)

We found a fun bee craft.  We traced his hands onto a piece of paper

and used them for the wings 

glued the rest of the body parts on 

and we have a bumble bee!  He really liked this project and was really excited to show it to Daddy when he got home =) 

We found some ball stickers so he filled in abother capital B with them. 

and was very proud of it =) 

We stopped by Office Max to stock up on cardstock and found some fun school things in the clearance bin.  Now he has a place to keep his colored pencils and markers on his desk =) 

Whoops....this picture got in the wrong place and I can never figure out how to move it I gave up!!

Here are some videos of Akstel practicing his days of the week and months of the year.  He gets really goofy =) (Sorry about the sideways videos)

Click HERE to see all the pics and a couple more videos

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