Friday, September 30, 2011


If you don't like feet......don't look at this post!

Maintenance came earlier to fix a piece of our counter that was broken.....had I know she was just going to super glue, I could have done that myself!  Anywho......she wasn't having any luck with it sticking and I just found out was in a pile on the floor!!! Where I happened to be standing for several minutes folding laundry (not sure why I didn't feel I was standing in glue????).  It is a moment of panic when you realize your truly stuck! Sorry, honey for the panic call about how to un-stick my foot from the kitchen floor.  After another call for ideas I decided to just get it over with and was able to work my fingers under each side of my foot and peel it off!  All the while hearing this sweet little voice saying "what happened Mommy? You need my curious george rubber bandaid?" Yes, little man, I think I do!!!!


  1. I woulda called my hunny in a panic, too, if I couldn't get my foot off the floor!!! Glad you got it unstuck with minimal damage!

  2. I knew doing laundry is risky, now I know for dear niece has been injured!