Friday, September 30, 2011

New Car Seat Covers!

A couple of weeks ago while Grandma and Grandpa were at our house, Grandma made the boys new car seat covers! We picked out fabric in our trip to Dallas to pick up Aunt Stephie and she started on Bakota's.  It was a day or two later before she got Akstel's done, and it was really cute because we left to go somewhere and Akstel was in tears becuase he wanted to sit on trucks like Bakota!!

(he is not wanting his picture taken!)

Grandma puts up with ALL my requests =)
They have elastic all the way around the back to stay on all the time.  They also have velcro down the middle and to the sides of the straps so I can take the cover off without un-doing all the straps and buckles to wash them!  They also have a water-proof seat underneath the cover!  She is amazing!!

Thank You Grandma!!!


  1. They are so so so cute, oh and the carseat covers are cute too. u r welcome:)

  2. Cute! I love! I like the velcro idea!