Friday, September 30, 2011

Coupon Craziness!!!

I just have to share how much fun I've had in the last couple of days getting these AMAZING deals!!!

I got these Clorox stain removers for .25 cents each!!!

For 5 tubes (1 regular and 4 travel size) for........Target paid me .83 cents for all 5 tubes!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!! I was so excited! I've read about people getting paid for items but this is a first for me! 


Yoplait Greek yogurt .29 cents each 

3 items for $7 (cereal and fruit snacks), I had coupons that made it 3 for $4.  When you pay for the 3 items you get a coupon for $3.75 off of a gallon of milk! (I did this three times)

Dawn dish soap .49 cents each 

Avacados were on sale for .99 cents each and I had a coupon to buy 3 and get 1 free 

FREE (totally free!!!) Ozarka sparkling water.  This is something I've never bought before or had before, but it was free!  I hope to find a good use for this because it doesn't taste very good =)
I stocked up on a lot of dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, Downy, paper towels and toilet paper.  I spent $121.53 and saved $117.45!!!  My receipt is like 4 feet long and I used 45 coupons!

 FREE MILK!!!!!!!!!!  I used my coupons I got from the ceral and fruit snacks and got two gallons of free milk!  I am hoping to do this a few more times to keep the free milk coming! 

So, this morning I found a really cool website I Heart The Mart, he has a long list of free and under $1 items and other good deals from Walmart.  I had coupons for a lot of the things on his list so I thought I would try it out after story time this morning. 

This is everything I bought
When she was done scanning everything the total was $62.30 and after 20 coupons, I owed $14.81!!!

Here are the high lights!

I got two Brita filter pitchers, regular $8.97, minus a $5.00 coupon, making it $3.97.  Each one has a mail in rebate for $10 each.  This makes it a $6.03 money maker!!! So really my $14.18 will be $-5.82 =)

Dentyk Floss Picks - .08 money maker

Oral B floss for .21 each (I got 4)

Febreeze Plugin Air Freshner $.53 money maker (I got 4!!!!!)

Johnson and Johnson first aid kit .22 each (I got 2)

Schick Disposable Razors (4 packages with 12 in each) $2.06 money maker

I had SO much fun!!!  I found out from the cashier that Walmart will actually give you money back if you have the right coupons!!


  1. Wow, you did great!!!! Keep it up:)

  2. You are the Coupon Queen! That is something!!! We don't decent papers, or rather I should say we don't have papers with decent coupons! And to get milk free...! I don't know about TX, but in WY it's over $4 for the "good" kind of whole milk!