Thursday, September 22, 2011

Buffalo Gap Historic Village

While Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Stephie were here we visited the Buffalo Gap historic village.  It is a little town about twenty minutes from Abilene and they've turned a square block into a museum.

They give you these sound wands and each house or building has a sign with a channel number to listen to the history about that place. 

They even had a kids channel, where you could listen to kids talking about the history. 

Akstel wanted to share with the kitty! 

The first place we saw was the old house. 

Doesn't that look comfy? 

And this too? 

A two seater!! ha ha! 

But the worst part was the lock was on the outside?!?!?  That not only sets you up for some embarassing moments but the possibility of being lock in! Yuck! 

Akstel liked the chickens....not sure the feeling was mutual. 

We paid a visit to the courthouse and jail. 

and the train station 

But by far, Akstel's favorite part was the water fountain!!! 

We visited the school house 

The bank and post office 

and took a ride on a horse! 

I took a few lot more pictures, HERE

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