Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bakota Turns 1!!!

Bakota had his first birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Little B!

We had an airplane party

The Cake

 This was the inspiration for the cake.

And this is how it turned out! 

The Decorations

We had a decorating one blows up baloons quite like Mama K!!! 

a runway table 

Bag tags for the silverware 

Boarding passes for the invitations 

On the best for the birthday boy! 

Clouds and planes filled the air! A busy place! 

The Food

airplane cheese sandwiches

airplane watermelon 

airplane jello!! 
airplane PB&J sandwiches!!! 

Our flight demonstrator 


Eating the Cake

Akstel sang happy birthday to me! And helped B blow out his candle!

Oohhhh....that looks fun! 

I get to eat it? 

He thought this was so fun! 

What's so funny? 

Akstel thought Bakota was having so much fun that he would try it too! 

We had to take a quick bath break to clean up the blue little boy.  Its hard to tell here but he had a blue bath too!

And of course a frosting fight! 

The Presents

Bakota had a lot of help from Akstel! 

 A new book to chew on! 

to see all of our pictures go HERE


  1. ....absolutely adorable. Jodi you need to do a sideline business of specialty birthday party, yours are fabulous!

  2. How fun! Did you wish you had a white plane instead of blue? LOL!