Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Akstel gets so frustrated with me when I sit at my computer and work =(  The other day I told him I HAD to get some things done and he cried saying "no Mommy work!!!".  So, I asked him if he wanted to work with me? That got his interest =)  So, we set up his "desk" next to mine, got out his crayon box, paper and scissors!

Then he decided he needed his computer too!! 
I realize more and more that kids don't miss much.  Even when I don't think he is listening to any I say, he pretty much gets it all!  He was sitting at his desk and cutting his paper into little pieces and bringing them to me.  And I realized after a bit what he was telling me....."coupons"!!!! He was clipping his coupons and sharing them with me =)

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  1. They are never to young to learn about coupons. That is required to be considered a great parent!!!!