Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So, we've just been patiently waiting......or not so patiently!  Coy's project was shutdown on the 22nd of July due the Government disagreements.  We took advantage of that early weekend and went to Happy =) 

The next week....we waited.....hoping it would be resolved and we could get back to work.  We couldn't really make the decision to go back to Arizona in case they did come to an agreement and wanted us back to work.  It was such a weird feeling, not knowing what would happen and when! 

We made the best of it.  Akstel LOVED having his Daddy around to play with and he got to go to "work" with Daddy for a few days!  It was so good for both of them!  Coy was able to see Bakota during the day when he was awake and happy and playing! He had been working such long days that sometimes he would see him early in the morning when he woke up to nurse and sometimes he was still awake when he got home but ready for bed. So, that was really fun for him to spend more time with the boys! And me =) 

The next weekend we went to visit Loren, Rachel and Chance and we had a great time!

Then on the 1st, after reading articles on the internet we find out that the Government's summer vacation is the month of July!!! We found this article http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/congress-urged-to-tackle-faa-funding-bill-before-recess/2011/08/01/gIQAcvJIoI_story.html?wprss=rss_business
and others that said Congress wouldn't resolve the issues until they came after Labor Day!!!

So, after waiting a few more days and reading articles that all of Congress had left for their recess we decided we would pack up, get out of our apartment lease, call off our furniture rental and head back to Arizona until we got word to come back to work.  Halfway through packing we hear that Congress worked out a way to vote on the bill without everyone there and approved temporary funding for the FAA through mid September.  Great news for work!!! Now....to unpack =) I saw it as an opportunity to re-organize =)

We were hoping to hear something by Friday the 5th....nothing. 

Maybe Monday? Nothing. 

Surely by Tuesday? YES!!! We can go back to work on the 15th!

So, it's been a stressful couple of weeks but we found a lot of good in it! We created some great family memories and spent lots of time together =)  But we'll be glad to get back to work for sure! Tomorrow we drive back to Arizona for a couple of days to see family, then on Friday we fly to Washington for Milltown convention to see more family! Another good thing that has come out of this whole deal =) It is not something we could have done if we were still working. So, I'm off to finish packing, we leave early tomorrow morning!


  1. That's good you got to spend so much time together! I understand the stress of not knowing what to do and needing to stick close just in case. We go through that every winter!

  2. I think the best word to describe ya'll is "positive"! You are amazing!!