Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This and That.....Catching Up!

I realize I'm behind on blogging, but that's life!!'s me catching up!

We have a little man who is fascinated with this bucket and it always goes on his head!!  He walks around with it, plays while he wears it! So cute and funny!

Bakota getting a hair cut and thinking the sink was a pretty fun place to be!

He is starting to "throw a fit" when something doesn't go his way!  It's still in the cute stage!!  He has this very dramatic cry and he sits down and folds himself over and with his face on the floor just cries! Then when he looks up to see us all laughing at him he decides he thinks it's pretty funny too!

We have a new little family in our meeting on 1st and 5th Sunday!  That's a big deal around here!  They have a little girl names Ella, we went out to lunch and then to the mall for playtime!

Laundry baskets are also a great source of entertainment! 
Bakota didn't last too long after being covered up with a blanket. 
I think all kids have an attraction to the dishwasher and little B is no different! 
I bought bubble bath a while back (thinking it was shampoo) but it has been throughly enjoyed! 

Last Friday Rachel and Chance came up to go school shopping for Chance, he is starting pre-school!  They live in a little town, plus Texas has a whole weekend when school supplies and clothes are tax free!  So, we took advantage of that plus great sales!  We went to the mall, Children's Place and of course Goodwill!!! 

Before they left, the boys played together.  It was such a fun day! 

the boys became the potatoe heads! 
Akstel loves riding his bike 

Bakota got a hold of the dust pan and thought it was a hat! 

Silly Boys.... 

Akstel wears his bike helmet to keep his head safe from little B and the broom!

We run quite the trucking operation around here 

This is why Akstel needs the bike helmet......Bakota LOVES the broom! He carries it all around and he is not exactly careful about where it swings! 

This is my cute and oh so fashionable husband!!! 

He passed that fashion sense down to our boys..... 

It's not every day when driving home from the grocery store that you see this...... 
Yup! A guy selling camel rides in the Albertson's parking lot!

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  1. Love the pic of the pouty cry! Aunt Jenae was telling me how he tries to pitch a fit but doesn't know how... funny!!!1