Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Things That Akstel Says.....

Akstel is talking so much these days and he says some very cute and funny things! Every time I hear something, I think I should write that down so I don't forget it! So here I am....writing it down!!

*We were driving to meeting last Sunday and out of the quiet backseat we hear "Daddy, remember Bamma (Grandma)?"  Ever since then, it is remember this or remember that? Very cute!

*He got a hold of Coy's bible a few days ago and when Coy saw him and told him that wasn't to play with, he was flipping the pages and said "Daddy, I can't find Jesus"!

*More and more he is listening to everthing he hears and repeating everything! (Not always so good.....and often very humbling!!!)  But he has also started singing really well in meeting (sometimes very loudly!) but he is actually hearing the words and repeating them!

*When we got home this morning he was so excited to see his toys and kept saying "never seen this before" and "Mom, remember this?".

*One of the things he was excited to find was his Thomas the Train computer with a mouse! (Thank you Goodwill!)  He is always wanting to play on our computers and often gets told no.  He layed on the floor for a long time just clicking the mouse and pushing the buttons!  Coy and I were sitting on our bed with our computers and he ran and got his, snuggled right in the middle and said he was working!


  1. Oh I am so glad you are writing these things down! Love Bamma!

  2. Keep writing these down! I remember when the kids started singing in mtg - often a little too loud but the older generation always commented on how much they loved to hear it.

  3. love the post! I also thought of "Thank the for the pizzi."