Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Going to the Library

We made it back to the library last week and actually made it for story time!!! We had so much fun!  This is the first time we've been to story time since Bakota is old enough to enjoy it, and he LOVED it!  Akstel is at the stage where he is a little shy at first and gets embarassed if he thinks people are watching him, so he was a little more reserved at first but it wasn't too long and he joined right in!

Akstel has his book bag to get new books!

The boys trying to follow the teacher! 

Bakota watched at first and then he was all over the place! Trying to jump with the other kids and walking running around checking everything out! 

The library we went to in St. George always played a teddy bear song and each child was given a teddy bear to have during the song.  This library does too! Akstel was so excited and it was obvious he remembered it! 

The kids get a stamp on their hand when class is over, this day was a turtle.  Akstel checked his all day "turtle still there!!!" 

Playing with a puzzle 

Picking out his books 

Reading his books!! YAY! 

We went again on Monday and had just as much fun! 

Bakota definetly hasn't hit the shy stage yet! He was LOVING it! 

Akstel sometimes just sits or stands beside me if he gets nervous but I know he is just soaking it all in because he sings all the songs or talks about the things that happened as soon as we leave! 

He was so excited when everyone clapped and was very proud of himself when he clapped! 

He was so into this song/story that he kept slowly creeping up to the teacher until he was standing right in front of her with his hands on her leg! 

Akstel standing in line to get his stamp....Monday was a kitty! 

Here is a video

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  1. What great story times you have....Laura and I always went to ours and some when Evan was little...good memories! Love your posts and the little ones are changing so fast. Thanks for sharing a bit of your lives with us.