Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going to Arizona

We headed back to AZ for a few days, we drove all night and got in about 8am on a Wednesday morning.  The boys were so excited to see all these "new" toys!!! Akstel kept saying "never seen this before"! But he definetly remebered a lot of it, I think he was just really excited! Plus they slept in the car all night so we were all happy to get out!

New places to crawl into!

A nice come flat surface to snuggle into!

Oh fun! The john deere! Still a hot topic today!

I absolutely LOVE this picture! Mowing the lawn dirt in shorts, flip flops and cowboy hat!

Playing with Grandpa
and Grandma!

And oh so fun to see our cousins again!

We had lunch with Brandon, Joann and Traiten

Yup! That's Daddy up there! Akstel was scared to go up by himself so Daddy showed him how =)

It was so cute, Akstel wanted to hold Traitens hand when we went outside, T thought it was ok at first (and I missed the picture) but then he didn't want anything to do with it!!

We of course had to go Goodwill shopping with Auntie Steph and Grandma!

We met Uncle Jason and Tanya at the mall for dinner, puppies and playtime!

Several times throughout the day I still hear....."Mom, remeber Tana??" have a big fan!

Jason brought his pet skunk to the mall and got some funny looks!  (It is a skin from Grandpa Jean)

All good things must come to an end....on our drive back to Texas.  It is good to be "home"!
(I think Bakota is tired of the car!!!)

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