Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Fun Saturday!!

Last Saturday we went to visit Loren and Rachel Hayes and their little boy Chance!  They are about two hours from Abilene, in Dublin, TX.

The boys were happy to be out of the truck and to have someone to play with! Akstel was so excited to see his "friend" again =)

Dublin has a Dr. Pepper store and they make it with cane sugar....yummy! 

We had a picnic at the lake 

It was so fun to watch the boys roam around together 

Headed off to play in the water! 

We tried barefoot but Akstel wasn't a big fan of the squishy mud between his toes!! 

The boys loved the water!! 

Loren and Chance out for a swim 

Rachel and Akstel 

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  1. A Dr Pepper store!!!! I will "NEED" to add that to my list of places to visit! =-)