Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cowboy Friday Night!

This little cowboy wanted to see some bull riding!!

Luckily, were in Texas so it was easy to find! 

He LOVED it!!! 

I had a little fun with my zoom lens =)

I wouldn't want to be one of those guys! 

He enjoyed it too! 

A little boy sitting near us was all decked out! I couldn't resist a picture of his spurs!! 

There is also a youth bull riding going on this weekend, this wall is where they look for their name if they get to ride again.  Cute little cowboys! And brave Momma's to let their little cowboys ride a bull!! 

We walked down by the bulls to show them to Akstel and we met a nice Cowboy names Luis Blanco from Brazil, he wanted to know if we wanted a picture with Akstel!!  

He just got kicked in the elbow saving the Cowboy! OUCH! 

That's our Cowboy, Luis!!! 

This was the top rider of the night, an 86!

Time to say Goodbye 

and go home to have our own bull riding event!!! 

This little cowboy wanted to join the fun too!! 

Ha ha! Too cute! 
(I got these with coupons today!!!!)

For all of our Friday night photos, go HERE


  1. Some great shots! Love the lil kiddos in hats. :)

  2. Ahhh...the fun of rodeos! He is just adorable in that big ole cowboy hat!

  3. Oh My, did this Bama step back in thime, like 27 years!!! Now we need some boots!!! and a lasso, a dog to rope ....

  4. So very cute...I noticed on the jacket of the man that hurt his elbow..."Evan Williams'!! Fun pix and times...better beef up Coy to make him a bigger/meaner bull-ride!