Thursday, August 4, 2011

Catching Up

It's been a while so here is a little of what we've been up to!  Coy's project is still halted so while it is a little stressful to have a big question mark in our future were finding the good and enjoying every moment!!  Akstel and Bakota are ENJOYING their Daddy SO much!!

The boys flying helicopters!

I love this one!!! 

Akstel has gone to "work" with Daddy several times!  The other day Coy told me they would be headed home soon......after they stopped at Lowe's, because Akstel wanted too!  I later found out it really was all Akstel's idea =)  

We were invited to stay after Sunday meeting with the Wyatt's for lunch.  Akstel loves to help Sue in the kitchen and setting the table! 

Bakota napped 

The boys talked about boy things 

Remember that imaginary boat Asktel put in the water a few days ago? He was at it again....but this time he buckeled up for safety!!!  It took me a minute to realize what he was doing but he put his belt on and said "all buckled up!!!" 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures!  Bakota is learning to give kisses!  He was really tired and ready for bed, so he was very cuddly! 

Look at all those teeth!
Two on the bottom 

and three on the top 

Daddy help Akstel setup his trains where Bakota the tornado couldn't destroy them! 

Flying again! 

Bakota gets a turn!! 

Coy and Akstel were getting ready to leave, so Akstel went to get his shoes on.  This is what he came up with!!! 


  1. Just love the pics of Bakota with Coy - those are certainly worth framing!!

  2. you don't already know it, your boys are simplly cute! Lov'in all your post, nothing but great memories.