Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alaphabet Rocks

I saw this idea from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar for Alphabet Rocks and I loved it!  I really want to teach Akstel the alphabet and were working on his colors.

I found a bag of rocks and paint at Wal-mart.

After painting the letter I followed her suggestion and outlined it with a black marker and it looks so much better! It covers my not so perfect artistic skills! 

Then I painted it with clear nail polish instead of buying a sealer. 

And here they are! 

I also did numbers and I still have some rocks left so I may add in shapes. 

I had saved these crystal light containers for......something?!?!? They work perfect to store the rocks in!  Then I decided to make each one a color so he can work on matching them.  But when that got old, he put the rocks in and dumped them out.......and repeat.......and repeat......you get the idea! 

I was amazed at how fast he started recognizing the colors and matching them up! Hooray! 

He was pretty proud of himself too! 

(were one container short for our green rocks!)

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